wildcraft holiday gift guide December 12 2018, 0 Comments

It’s been a beautiful year at Wildcraft, from new launches to growing our team, we are super grateful for our success and the community that surrounds us. We would like to extend a very sincere and heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported us in 2018.

For our last journal post of the year, we’re sharing our favourite gift ideas, both from Wildcraft and brands we admire. Here’s what our team is loving this holiday season!



1.  L A U R A  //  Founder

Cadette Jewelry: “I have loved this gorgeous jewelry for so long, Alison makes everything by hand and her work is inspired by modern art and organic forms. Everything she makes is beautiful, unique and timeless but my personal favourites are the Odds Cuff and the Thalia earrings."

Favourite Wildcraft Product: Renew Eye Serum - “Running your own business is a thrill but also a lot of hard work so I'm often feeling a little exhausted. Our beautiful new eye serum is the perfect pick-me-up after a long day and is a wonderful gift for the person on your list who hustles hard." 



2.  N A T A L I E  //   Production Manager & Formulator

Samyoga: “Samyoga is one of my favourite brands because everything is hand sewn, hand dyed, and each piece is unique. Sam uses a method called ice dying which involves using ice as part of the tie dye process resulting in beautiful and unique patterns. I love to gift her lavender eye pillows. The dried lavender is so calming which makes it such a treat for yoga, meditation, and sleep. If tie dye isn’t your thing she’s got other patterns like half moons, geometric, marble, paisley, and solid colours!”

Favourite Wildcraft Product: Luxe Body Oil - "The body oil is hands down my favourite product, especially during the winter. I love the warm, earthy scent and my dry skin drinks up the moisture. It absorbs so quickly and it’s super convenient with its new pump applicator. It’s also really amazing to use a few pumps of it in the bath for a super moisturizing soak!”


3.  B I A N C A  //  Production & Marketing Assistant

Awesome Fortress Goods: “Whenever I’m in need of a new planter or in search of a special gift, Awesome Fortress is the first to pop in mind. Bettina creates amazing (and useful!) ceramic pieces which always bring happiness to my home.”

Favourite Wildcraft Product: Restore Face Cream - “This cream is my go-to moisturizer for any season. During winter, I use it in the morning as it provides a nourishing barrier against the chilly weather. In the summer months, I use it as a night cream and wake up with my skin feeling refreshed.”



4. C H R I S T I N E  //  Marketing Coordinator & Strategist

Louise Reimer: “This Toronto-based illustrator’s prints are whimsical, full of colour and such a nice addition to any room. She also has t-shirts and sweaters that would make a perfect gift.”

Favourite Wildcraft Product: Cleanse Makeup Remover - “This makeup remover is a gem. It’s gentle, smells lovely and provides nutrients for lashes and brows. I love that rose, calendula and chamomile are steeped to create it and look forward to using it every night.”



5. R A C H E L  //  Photographer & Design Assistant

Golden Ticket Candy: “I am not a sweets person at all and I am obsessed with these decadent caramels from Golden Ticket Candy. Made in Toronto in small batches these caramels will not disappoint - soft, creamy, salty and chewy, they are simply the best.”

Favourite Wildcraft Product: Regenerating Face Serum - “The face serum is a life saver, three drops after the shower is all I need to hydrate my skin for the whole day. With a tendency to lean on the dryer side, my skin definitely thanks me for this. It soaks in quickly and doesn’t leave any slick residue and has such a delicate, aromatic scent that is non-irritating for my sensitive skin."